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About the "Industrial" series

Our aesthetic is shaped by our perception.  We're surrounded by sculpture; some formal, some not so.  The finest is inherently art.


I tend to see the world three dimensionally: shapes, form, composition, and structure.  Function is an inherent determinant of an object's form and composition. 


This body of work explores the use of standard construction materials in sculpture -- isolating their functional interrelationships and arranging them in a dynamic of pure form and structure.  This begs application of these materials somewhat consistent with the interactive relationships for which they had been engineered.  I maintain the visual integrity of these functional relationships resulting in an inherent visual vocabulary and a natural fluidity of form. 


My eyes and my mind seek out forms that are unique or unnoticed.  I identify the essence of these forms and elevate this essence to a purely sculptural plane.  It's an invitation to the viewer to take different notice of the world, and better appreciate that world sculpturally and environmentally. 

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