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sculpture series

Function is an inherent determinant of an object's form and composition.  Using off-the-shelf plumbing materials, this body of work isolates functional forms and arranges them in a dynamic of pure form consistent with the visual interactive relationships for which they had been engineered. 

Blistering Domesticity_wx.jpg

blistering domesticity (1982) 
polished copper, brass sculpture 
wall mounted 
24"w x 12"h x 10"d


spoon (1985) 
polished copper, brass 
wall mounted sculpture 
34"h x 18"w x 12"d

The Diz_wx.jpg

the diz (1985) 
polished copper sculpture 
33"h x 9"w x 10"d


cathedral  (1987) 
polished copper, brass 
28"h x 12"w x 9"d

Speak Truth to Power_wx.jpg

speak truth to power (1988)

polished copper, brass

31"w x 45"h x 15"d


LSD/DNA  (1981) 
polished copper 
wall or horizontal mounting 
33"w x 7"h x 2"d

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