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I love surprises, especially when I’m able to surprise myself with my art.  These are affirmations of the surreptitious power of the creative process.  When that sense of surprise is experienced by a viewer, I know that I have been successful as a creative force. 

self-portrait enh_300ppi.jpg

Copper is my principle medium.      My process transforms copper  from a familiar and quotidian material  into a medium that brims with visual texture and  exudes  nuances of color and bold surface texture.   Mine  is that storied harmony between medium and artist.    I begin with a mental image and the constraints of  the medium guide the ultimate outcome.

My work plays on form, texture, and chromatic nuance.   I pursue grace without refinement, motion absent lyricism.  I invite a viewer to follow the motion of a sweep, to let their eyes feel the texture of the surface.  Employing nearly exclusively repurposed and recycled copper, my work straddles the  duality of creation and disintegration.  


As an artist, I’m an autodidact.

My work has always mirrored my life in one way or another:  my occupational engagements, my environment, my philosophical perspective, my fears and imaginings.  America needs visions of new solutions to intractable problems sapping its creative life force, crushing its citizen's  potential, and annulling their collective and individual future.

Whether abstract or figurative, art has the capacity for articulating the ineffable.  Though not an ideal format for posing solutions, sculpture can be succinct and visceral in articulating foundational issues.  As an artist I strive to call out social distress and illustrate the human condition through my work.

The darkness of the 21st  century’s afflictions of malice, authoritarianism, contagion, and extinction begs for relief or interpretation through art.  I've made this my creative raison d'être.

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