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My name is Paul Chepolis.    I grew up in a hardscrabble, working                          class America, mid-twentieth century, and am now a      New York              artist. As an artist I'm an autodidact.

  I've worked primarily in copper for several decades.    My work                              transforms an otherwise quotidian material into a medium                                         brimming with chromatic nuance, luscious texture, and

biomorphic form with endless possibilities for sculptural interpretation of these turbulent, virulent times.


Having retired after decades of being a cog in America's work force, my greatest shame is the violence, greed, and exploitation my generation has wrought and perpetuated on America, the world, and the planet. Now retired, I am reclaiming my power and using my art to mitigate this stain by calling out issues of social and environmental relevance,    in the very least to simply offer respite from the stress of citizenship of the 21st century.

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