I'm a sculptor.

Decades of my life have been spent exploring copper as a sculptural medium, exploiting and enhancing the alchemical potential of this sensuous metal. Several years ago I began designing and fabricating luminaires -- light fixtures. This is applied art.

I began by applying my sculptural vocabulary to functional form. I've recently inverted this process by creating sculptural forms and adapting them to accommodate the functional elements of a light fixture. This process is less constrained, and familiarly biomorphic in outcome.

Applied arts can transform prosaic objects in our lives into objects of aesthetic, even sublime, refinement. Applied art infuses the quotidian with an elemental, subjective passion. Pure art and applied art are not as distinct as some would contend.

My intent is to straddle the distinction between the two and ultimately influence an aesthetic melding of the two. I strive for nothing less than to redefine peoples' preconception of 'luminaire.'

THE PURPOSE of chepolis.com is to offer a service of providing custom luminaires. The forms presented here are offered as both samples and possibilities of orders to be designed to accommodate the tastes, preferences, and budgets of interested parties.

Paul Chepolis